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When we decide to build a pool in our garden, one of the most important questions we should ask ourselves is what shape it will be. There are some guidelines that can help us make the decision and get the best results, both in terms of style and purpose.

Generally speaking, experts recommend that a pool should not take up more than 30% of the space in a garden or wherever else we choose to build it. At the other extreme, neither is it advisable that a pool should take up less than 20% of the space available.

Another aspect to be considered is whether we want to instal a pool with skimmers or an overflow pool. Pools with skimmers are those that have suction inlets (in the shape of a small window) fitted on the pool walls. They serve to suck in water from the surface of the pool and are sometimes used for dosing chemical products. On the other hand, overflow pools are those that look like a sheet of water, which flow over one (or several) of the pool’s edges.


Once we have decided what type of pool we want and its size, it’s time to choose the shape. One of the most common is rectangular. The straight lines make it easier to make the most of the inside of the pool and facilitate the construction process. Many pool owners choose to combine quadrangular shapes and create pools with simple but elegant lines, such as an L-shape, for example.

The use of curved lines is another quite popular choice. Completely round, oval or kidney shaped pools are somewhat more complicated to build than rectangular ones but can work very well in certain spaces. Likewise, the combination of curves with straight lines can give rise to very interesting ideas.

However, some owners have wanted to get away from traditional shapes and have let their imaginations go wild. Below are five pools with unusual shapes: for romantics, lovers of music and animals… What do you think? Would you dare go for an original shape or would you prefer the more traditional options?


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