The pool experts / Wooden pools: characteristics and advantages | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

Wooden pools are characterised by their durability and sustainability. Wood is an extremely hear-wearing material, which withstands temperature changes, gives pools a natural look and fits in extremely well with in natural surroundings.

Costing much less than pools that require building work, wooden ones are extremely versatile. They can be installed as indoor or outdoor pools, as above-ground or submerged pools, as well as giving users a wide choice for customising their size and shape.

In general, this type of pool is made of oak or pine. The wood must be treated to prevent damp, rotting, fungi and insects. By treating the wood, the presence of any harmful substances to health is also avoided.


Experts from Gre – one of Fluidra’s brands that has over 50 years of proven experience as a leading manufacturer of above-ground pools in the market – claim that “class IV autoclave treatment is undoubtedly the best way of protecting wood that is to be placed outdoors or in contact with the ground”.

As proof of its commitment to sustainable forest management and safety, Gre pools hold both the PEFC and FSC certifications, and comply with the French standard that covers the health and safety of pools, filters and steps.

Indeed, a few weeks ago, Fluidra announced the acquisition of EGT Aqua, a leading French dealership of wooden pools. The news put the spotlight on these types of pools, which are currently causing a sensation thanks to their quality and design.

Lastly, wooden pools are extremely easy to install and maintain: both processes are straightforward and quick. In short, choosing this fresh and sophisticated style of pool will turn any garden into the perfect place to enjoy moments of leisure and relaxation.