Internet of pools / Why you should connect your pool to the Internet | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

The Internet of Pools is here and looks set to stay. This groundbreaking concept developed by the Fluidra multinational is posited on applying the Internet of Things to the pool and garden sector and its versatility and ease of use means it is just a question of time until it completely transforms the daily management of swimming facilities. With Fluidra Connect, owners and maintenance professionals can remotely supervise the functioning of all pool parts (filter, water-treatment and heating systems, etc.) and outdoor garden equipment (watering and lighting systems). To enjoy the Internet of Pools, you need to have a wifi Internet connection, to install the Connect Box device –the cornerstone of the system- and to equip the pool or garden with Fluidra Connect-compatible products. There are presently over 100 solutions that bear the Compatible NN Thing trademark. Remote management affords three major advantages for families: peace of mind, comfort and savings. Users can check that the different pool elements are working properly at all times from the platform’s mobile app and get very interesting parameter and control data on whether chemical product levels are the healthiest and safest or whether water and energy are being used efficiently. The system’s diagnostic tools also enable sector professionals to continuously monitor the state of the amenity and attend call-outs only when manual repair work is needed. This obviates deterioration of the facility, cuts the costs associated with standard, non-personalised maintenance and enables professionals to offer differentiated and value-added customer service.