The pool experts / What would a pool look like in my garden? | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

If you have a garden and you haven’t built a pool in it, you will probably have thought about it. As summer approaches, the truth is that there is nothing more appealing than relaxing and cooling down in the privacy of your home. Can you imagine what it would be like to take a dip before going to bed every night or having a poolside breakfast?


If you want to stop just imagining what it would be like and see what a pool would really look like in your home, you’re in luck. AstralPool has created an augmented reality app that allows pool dealers to generate a super-realistic simulation of what a pool would look like in your garden.

Broadly speaking, augmented reality is a technology that makes it possible to add virtually generated visual information to a real image or environment. The AstralPool Pro App is the first of its kind to be used in the world of pools. This technology has experienced spectacular growth in recent years and thanks to the boom in mobile devices, its possibilities are more remarkable than ever.

Using this app, distributors can help their customers design the pool that best suits their needs and requirements. It allows them to choose the shape and size of a pool, as well as all of the equipment and fittings required to build one. The system automatically generates a quote that can be accessed from a back office website. Distributors can therefore easily submit an accurate financial proposal to their customers in next to no time.

In order to install the AstralPool Pro App you must be an authorised AstralPool distributor, and have a tablet (iPad 3 or higher, or Galaxy TAB46) or an iPhone 6 Plus, in addition to a PC with an Internet connection. Once installed, an Internet connection is not required to use it: all data are stored on the device and can subsequently be synchronised when you return to the office or connect to a Wi-Fi network.