The pool experts / What will the fountains of the future be like? | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

The fountains sector is constantly evolving and the construction of new and stunning installations around the world demonstrates the growth in some trends, including interactivity, clean lines and the intelligent combination of music and colour. All of these characteristics form true works of art, a world away from the fussy designs that were popular in the past. We look at three projects that speak to what the fountains of the future will be like.

A fountain will soon be built in Doha that reflects the growth in interactivity and aquatic play. The installation, to be built next door to the popular tourist attraction of Souq Waqif in the Qatar capital, will have 43 vertical spouts and has been designed above all for children (although there will no doubt be more than one adult keen to take on the force of the water). Through a sophisticated lighting system, the fountain will provide music shows that marry technology with colour and sound.



The fountain is a project by AstralPool.

Parque de la Pedrera, a water and amusement park set to become the leading tourist attraction in Argentina, will be home to this fountain of pure fantasy, which will afford visitors a captivating view of water in a lake. The installation will feature ballerinas and vertical jet rapids to create an acoustic ballet the likes of which has never been seen before. As with the Doha fountain, music will play a decisive role in the Pedrera installation. The project also boasts a fountain for children’s play and some relaxing geysers in nearby lakes.



Construction on the Parque de la Pedrera fountain is under way. It is a project by AstralPool.

This fountain can be found on the outskirts of Barcelona, in the town of Viladecans. The project is distinguished by its seamless integration in the environment: an outdoor shopping mall. Thanks to a 3-cm surface flood effect and elegant combination of music, glassy jets and waterfall effects, the fountain will significantly reduce the sense of hustle and bustle that shoppers can suffer in a mall and make it the ideal place for family fun. In addition to the central piece, small supplementary fountains will be installed throughout to boost the feeling of maximum relaxation.



The fountain will open in autumn 2016 and is a project by AstralPool.