Tucked away in an idyllic spot in the Pyrenees is a place where children can relax, make friends and enjoy water year-round whether rain, hail or shine. The place is Likids, the world’s first children’s spa.

Integrated in the Caldea thermal-recreational complex, in Andorra, Likids covers an area of 400 sq m and despite its recent creation, which involved the participation of Fluidra Engineering Services, it has already become an international benchmark in family wellbeing.

The centre opened to the public in August 2016 and features a water area, a relaxation area, a sauna and spaces for activities and workshops. A team of lifeguards and specialist technicians supervises and constantly keeps watch over the children during their time at this venue conceived for kids aged between three and eight.


The young but demanding clientele can play and relax on comfy water beds in the large, shallow heated lake which always has a lifeguard on duty.

The relaxation area has become a firm favourite with the guests. The braver children can enjoy the hot-water jacuzzi which tickles them and splashes their face. Close by is a gentle beach that makes a pleasant place to play or wind down.


The team of monitors that accompanies the children throughout the circuit tells them about the features, origins and other curious features of hot spring water. They also adapt different activities to the guests’ tastes, such as yoga and storytelling.

And who said beauty treatments are just for grown-ups? At the beauty area, kids can enjoy a manicure or moisturising yoghurt face mask. A great way to round off their first wellbeing experience.

While the kids get on with playing, the rest of the family can wind down in the other Caldea facilities, such as the Inúu space and the gym.