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An efficient pumping system is crucial for keeping pools in top condition. Pumps are the pool’s main circulation mechanism and malfunction threatens the cleanliness and quality of water in the system. To perform this maintenance task with the greatest efficiency possible, Astralpool presents Viron variable speed pumps.

Variable speed pumps have multiple advantages over single speed pumps. First, given that they can adjust the pump’s speed according to the characteristics and needs of the pool and the user, power consumption is reduced by over 85%, with an annual energy saving of up to 900 euros.

product-viron-thecoolpoolMoreover, these devices have a convenient LCD screen from which the user can check the engine’s RPM and easily set the pump’s speed. Four timer settings with different speed modes are also possible.

The Viron variable speed pumps also represent a major advance in sustainability. By changing speed and flow rate the pumps increase their useful life and reduce wear on the pool’s other technical components. This process minimises environmental impact and generates annual savings of up to one ton of CO2.

Besides contributing to preserving the environment, these systems also help users rest and relax. With noise levels 75% lower than a single speed pump, imperceptible to the human ear, these pumps are the quietest on the market, ideal for creating a pool area that is truly relaxing.

This pump range includes two models: the Viron P320 (with a minimum annual energy cost of 374 kW/h) and the Viron P600 (minimum annual energy cost of 367 kW/h). Astralpool has created the Viron energy efficiency calculator, an online tool which helps users choose the pump model that best fits their pool. Moreover, the system informs users about the energy savings gained when installing a Viron pump compared to a conventional pump.