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A hose could never reach that far. The time and space constraints that watering poses have been loosened somewhat in recent years, but the remote systems that have emerged on the market have lacked complete autonomy, nor can they be controlled by the user at anytime, anywhere.


Samcla SmartHome is a remote management system for homes that allows residents to completely control the irrigation system in their garden or terrace from anywhere in the world. The innovative system is designed to provide the highest possible sustainability: find out your daily water consumption, receive warnings about any leaks or overconsumption and stop watering at any time. Being able to remotely stop watering is a feature that will no doubt be a relief for users, who can immediately cancel the scheduled watering in case of any unforeseen event (like unexpected rainfall).

To facilitate a 100% internet oriented management, Samcla created an intuitive and free application for mobile devices and tablets with an Android and Apple-compatible system.

Smart home

However, it is important to note that the Samcla SmartHome features go far beyond watering. Users can remotely manage all types of programmable home devices with this system: lighting, heating, swimming pool, etc., a home’s entire automation system is easily controlled from an app.

Technically, Samcla SmartHome architecture is based on a central hub that handles the entire system by connecting to the home’s Wi-Fi without the need for complex installations or wiring. Restricted local access is possible for specific maintenance, and the multi-user platform simplifies use, allowing multiple people to share information and manage the home at the same time.


Depending on the characteristics of the installation and the specific needs of each user, Samcla offers various possibilities, backed by the support of Fluidra, which has partnered with the company to distribute this leading irrigation remote management system for both private and public spaces. More than 100 municipalities across six countries have installed Samcla systems in their gardens since the app’s launch in 2010.

Now, the experience and knowledge of Samcla and Fluidra combine to make residential remote management possible.