Spectacular pools / Urban Plunge Exhibition Opening in Barcelona | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

Urban Plunge (Capbussó Urbà), an exhibition featuring designs that explore new ways to enjoy urban swimming, will run at the Roca Barcelona Gallery from 26 January through 23 April.

Commissioned by Roca, the exhibition follows a stint in London with a run in Barcelona to showcase a series of international projects that propose natural baths in the heart of our cities’ ports and rivers.

  • Copenhagen Harbour Bath, by JDS Architects. (Copenhagen)
  • Of Soil and Water: King’s Cross Pond Club, by Ooze & Marjetica Potrč. (London)
  • Thames Baths, by Studio Octopi in 2013 (London)
  • +Pool, by Family and Playlab. (Nueva York) (Read The Cool Pool article featuring this project!)

The exhibition will also feature the custom urban pool Carlos Ferrater (creator of the Rock Barcelona Gallery) and his Office of Architecture in Barcelona (OAB) designed for the city.

capbusso urba_thecoolpool

According to exhibition organisers and design consultant and curator Jane Withers, “Barcelona is the perfect place for developing the ideas proposed by Urban Plunge, ideas that seek to help restore rivers and harbours for public recreational use and associate them with water-related activities”.

Its location (bordered by two rivers and open to the sea), coupled with its enormous transformative potential (clearly demonstrated when it organised the 1992 Olympic Games), makes Barcelona a magnificent place for creating public spaces for water-related activities, like natural urban pools and public baths.

Several Catalan architecture schools will also participate in the exhibition, showcasing proposals from students studying at La Salle School of Architecture, the Reus School of Architecture, the Barcelona School of Architecture and the UIC-Barcelona School of Architecture.