The architecture of the past is perfectly recognizable in this hotel establishment located just a few kilometers away from Ostuni, commonly known as the white town of Brindisi, in the heart of the Apulia countryside. It took Andrew Trotter three years to get to the bottom of local traditions to come up with the design of this luminous box where everything has been built around a patio. Once inside, one is taken aback by its fantastic pool that sits in a landscape planted with impressive olive trees more than 500 years old.

Thick walls, domed ceilings, stone floors and whitewashed walls keep the rooms cool during the hottest days of the year. The architectural details are so simple that they create the ideal setting for switching off and relaxing in every corner without a care in the world. This hotel has six rooms of 24 to 45 square meters and they all have a private garden or terrace with views of the countryside.

The air conditioning is not in great demand in this building, and the solar panels provide enough power for its lighting and heating. The farmhouse hotel has its own source of water: a well that provides a constant flow of fresh water to cover all needs.

Piscina Puglia

Masseria Moroseta was built to zero mile standards, which characterizes all pieces of architecture. As one would expect in line with this philosophy, all of the food and drink served at the hotel is either grown by the owners of the hotel or bought from local farmers, producers and artisans.

The food, the social life, the daily rituals, proper physical exercise, and making the most of the fresh air and sun Form the basis of this unique business. It has a 200-year-old stone oven, perfect for roasting meat and vegetables, and in October the owners encourage guests to prick the olives on the estate.

The establishment also runs a full range of spa services to be enjoyed alone or in company. Oriental rituals, exfoliation, detox and anti-aging treatments with the help of a few Mediterranean plants from the hotels farmland are just some of the options available. Other guests choose to come on a yoga retreat at this dream farmhouse.

Piscina entre olivos

Photographs: © Salva López