The pool experts / Training Programme With a Countercurrent Swimming System | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

A countercurrent swimming system will enable you to make more of your pool than ever before. Easy to install, these devices make it possible to have unlimited fun and swim for as long as you like in small pools.


If you are training for a triathlon, it is recommended that you breathe in every three strokes (on the left and on the right) and to constantly breathe out deeply when the head is submerged. Using this breathing technique, called bilateral breathing, will prevent pains in the neck and you will find it easier to find your bearings, one of the greatest challenges of swimming in the sea.


This workout consists in taking advantage of the different types of exercise that can be done at the pool’s edge

  • 600 metres crawl, getting out of the pool every 100 metres to do 15 sit-ups.
  • 1,200 metres, alternating 200 metres crawl and 100 metres freestyle. Getting out of the pool every 300 metres (200+100) to do 15 squats and 15 stretches.
  • 800 metres crawl, getting out of the pool every 100 metres to do 15 tricep dips on a bench or chair.
  • 400 metres freestyle, getting out of the pool every 50 metres to do 10 lower back stretches and 20 sit-ups.