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Making the most of your pool means being able to use it at times of the year when the weather would otherwise rule this out. Since ancient times, Scandinavians have learnt to live with the fact that bright sunshine is not necessary for going for a swim. Now it is also possible to use residential pools without freezing to death.

Heating a pool by just a few degrees makes it possible to enjoy it for longer. In addition to solar collection and dehumidification systems, heaters and heat exchangers, the cheapest way of heating water is by taking advantage of the free calories from the air and distributing the heat throughout a pool using heat pumps.

The three pumps described below are among the best performing products available.

  1. EVOLine


The EVOLine heat pump heats pool water by drawing heat from ambient air. In order for this transfer of energy to take place, the system uses a cooling circuit in which the heat source works against the pool water and the cold source against the ambient air, which delivers high performance. EVOLine lengthens the bathing season even at temperatures of 0 ºC thanks to its reverse cycle defrosting system, which only starts up when the control unit detects the potential formation of ice on the evaporator.

However, this is not all as EVOLine not only heats the water during colder spells but also cools it down on extremely hot days. Thanks to its four-way valve, it is self-regulating so that the water is maintained at a constant temperature without the need for users to fiddle around with the control settings.

One of the features worth highlighting about the new EVOLine model – with R-407A refrigerant fluid and white ABS housing – is that the pump’s main settings can be controlled from a smartphone using a free downloadable app available for IOS and Android.

  1. STARLine


The STARLine heat pump, available in a number of models, makes it possible to heat the water in all types of pools, whether indoor or outdoor, or newly built or old ones. In fact, over the past few years its performance and results has made it the best-selling pump in Northern Europe, where they know all there is to know about keeping pool water warm.

STARLine is the most inexpensive way of lengthening the swimming season and is able to work at air temperatures as low as 0 ºC, as well as keeping the water temperature constant with heat or cold. Its most notable features are its low noise levels and digital controls, and just like the new EVOLine, it has R-407A refrigerant fluid and ABS housing.

Heat pumps make it possible to start swimming earlier in the year and take a final dip in the middle of autumn or winter. All of this comes at a reasonable price as the energy extracted from the air is free, with the biggest outlay being the compressor’s power consumption: for every 1 kWh of electricity 5 kWh of heat in the pool is obtained.

  1. Pro-Elyo Inverter

climatizacionThe Pro-Elyo Inverter pump works depending on demand. As the power used adapts to needs, pools become more efficient, make less noise and consume less. In addition, it is able to deliver optimum performance at temperatures as low as -10 ºC, which in practical terms means the water is heated all year round. As its energy efficiency has been improved in comparison with conventional pumps, its coefficient of performance is 30% greater. Finally, its silent mode at just 46 decibels 10 metres away means you can sit by your pool in absolute silence.