Spectacular pools / This house is synonymous with harmony and family enjoyment | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

The owners of this house in Paterna wanted to renovate the property, a series of volumes that has been in the family for generations. Architecture firm Fran Silvestre Arquitectos came up with a solution to give it a new and uniform identity that would meet the clients’ specific expectations: to maintain the structure, spaces, uses, garden and mementos and revamp their presentation.


During the renovation, new volumes were integrated into the property to reinterpret traditional Mediterranean architectural elements such as the courtyards and delimited spaces, which also make it possible to generate the necessary areas of shade and visual protection.

The final ensemble boasts a large building containing the main house, a gym and a guest building. The functional separation achieved in this project contrasts with the unification in the use of materials. The light-coloured architecture noticeable in this design by the Valencian firm respects the surrounding nature and the traces of built heritage in this beautiful Mediterranean region, where freestanding family homes with a pool are regular features of the landscape.


Water has a very noticeable presence in this project. Nestled among pine trees and on a perfectly delimited platform above the red earth, opposite the large residential volume, the property boasts two fantastic water spaces: a large pool and a small outdoor jacuzzi.

These elements that are harmoniously positioned in a construction of straight lines and white natural-stone finishes comprise a design and execution of extremely high quality. In a complementary manner, the family can enjoy an indoor pool and sauna, a toilet and another jacuzzi in the gym, where the blue water contrasts with the white building.



Photos: © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG,