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The new applications of the Internet of things are a fashionable topic at professional fairs in the pool and home sector. Experts say that connected pools are not just much easier to maintain and give users more leisure time but are also healthier and more sustainable, and provide a significant energy and financial saving. In other words, a connected pool is synonymous with family comfort and peace of mind.

Various devices designed for pool maintenance have therefore hit the market that can be hooked up to the Internet and managed from a smartphone or computer. However, many people who already have a complete and operational facility may ask how they can enjoy the advantages of this technology without having to revamp all their pool equipment.

vrac basic_astralpool

To answer this question, AstralPool, of the multinational Fluidra Group, has developed a system that puts the Internet of things at the service of a great many pools: the VRAC Basic System of valves. With this system, compatible with Fluidra Connect, you can now manage the filtering of any pool from your phone so long as the pool has a sand filter.

Fluidra Connect lets you remotely control the operation of all the parts involved in pool maintenance (from filtering to heating). To use the platform you just need an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or cable) and to link the different pieces of pool equipment to Connect Box, a device that ensures pool performance and informs users of different parameters and control data over an app.

This makes it very quick and easy to use the VRAC Basic System of automatic valves with existing pools: after installing Connect Box, a professional must add the valve to the pool filter system, while users just have to download the Fluidra Connect app on their smartphone or tablet.

By monitoring the filter device over a mobile app, users can backwash the filter anytime, anywhere, while the professional has real-time knowledge of when a filter backwash is needed (and can automate it). This guarantees optimal water quality and great sustainability, while also preventing incidents. A further standout feature of the VRAC Basic System is its simple programming, both from Fluidra Connect and the push buttons on the panel.


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