The pool experts / The pool, a great ally for combating the heat and the sedentary lifestyle of children

School is out. It’s time to close the text books, say goodbye to classmates until September and get ready to experience thousands of adventures in the water. For generations, the pool has become firmly established as one of the favourite places for summer fun, and it doesn’t look like that is going to change.

Pirates, explorers, superheroes, astronauts… In pools, kids can be whatever they want to be and although in many cases water is enough to fire their imagination, there are some features that are guaranteed to give rise to hours of play and physical activity, which is fundamental in a society in which children’s playtime is increasingly sedentary.

By far the best way of sparking their imagination are slides. This classic piece of equipment is guaranteed to give hours of fun and, thanks to new technologies, there are now models around that adapt to every type of facility: sophisticated water parks, family hotels and residential pools of all sizes.

Springboards are one of the favourite pieces of equipment of many sports people. Traditionally, parents were very wary of them, but now most springboards in the market have a non-slip tread that has made them much safer.

Water features are ideal for creating a fun space for the whole family. Made of polyester and/or stainless steel, they encourage physical activity and have a safe and fun design that spur the imagination. Click here to download the AstralPool catalogue.

Finally, anyone who is looking for something more sophisticated that turns a pool into an oasis of leisure devoted to kids can choose to build a castle or a bubble, a structure similar to a volcano that children cannot resist climbing up and sliding on the surface, as well as enjoying the sheer force of the water that the system throws up into the air.

If you don’t have a pool…

Leisure time in the water is not synonymous with having a pool. There are options around that will enable you to have a good time soaking in water firmly on the ground. One example of this trend are splashparks, shallow pools that encourage kids to play in a totally safe environment and that stand out for their fun and customisable design