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The best-selling filtration pump in the market has had a makeover with features and ease of use never seen before. The AstralPool brand has launched Victoria Plus Silent, a more resistant, silent and easy-to-use version of its bestseller Victoria Plus.

A pump plays a crucial role in how a pool works. Therefore, when choosing the most suitable one for a pool it is important to bear in mind the characteristics of its materials, its compatibility with the rest of the components and its user-friendliness.

Thanks to the resistant state-of-the-art thermoplastics used to make it, the Victoria Plus Silent pool pump has a longer service life than all other pumping devices in the market. A further aspect that significantly increases the resistance and durability of this self-priming pump is that its motors have the IP-55 protection rating and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and high levels of humidity.

Another of the advantages of the Victoria Plus Silent is that it is easy to assemble and use. It also has a built-in prefilter with levers, rather than the usual system of spigots, which can complicate operations. These levers have been designed to make it easy to handle the pump and remove the prefilter basket to clean it and thus ensure optimum filtration.

Furthermore, the Victoria Plus Silent range is compatible with all types of pools, as its models come in power outputs of ½ to 3 CV, with single-phase and three-phase motors. Added to this is the sound level of below 70 dBa, which is lower than a household vacuum cleaner and equivalent to the background noise of a conversation in a restaurant.

Victoria Plus Silent

Pool owners who have a pump from the previous Victoria Plus range can easily upgrade their installation as this new version comes with a dual thread connection (internal and external), which means that the Victoria Plus Silent is compatible with all end fittings from the old range, as well as with any standard accessories available in the market.

In short, the Victoria Plus Silent is the state-of-the-art pump that is best adapted to the real needs of residential pool owners and that delivers real added value to them.