The pool experts / The most practical and efficient alternative for residential pool filtration | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

Bearing the needs of residential pool owners in mind, the AstralPool brand has created an efficient, healthy filtration system with unprecedented results in this sector: NanoFiber. If you have a pool of up to 90 m3 and you want to spend less time on maintenance, remember this name.

Thanks to an innovative network of nanofibres, this self-cleaning filter can retain particles as small as 5 microns (a grain of white table sugar has an approximate particle size of 600 microns). The NanoFiber’s unique central manifold absorbs the water flow and sends it through the mechanism sideways. Thus, the dirt is evenly distributed so that it naturally settles across the whole available surface of the filter medium, which prevents the filter from clogging up ahead of time, a key factor for increasing the system’s service life. This characteristic prevents the build-up of dirt, a problem that affects the efficiency of many filters, as a result of which it feeds in water of an exceptional quality.

In traditional filtration systems, backwashing the filter medium is a laborious task and, once carried out, the results are sometimes substandard. To make backwashing the filter more effective, the NanoFiber has a shower system that switches on when the backwash setting is selected and there is a lever that makes the filter medium turn to thoroughly clean it. This lever works manually or automatically , depending on the NanoFiber range chosen.

Poromoter, an independent laboratory, has conducted physico-chemical tests to compare AstralPool’s filtration system with others in the same category and found that the NanoFiber – a filter with a compact design of 400 by 650 mm – filters more evenly and thoroughly than any other, which translates as fewer backwashes.