Spectacular pools / The Internet of Things Reaches the Pool Sector | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

The Internet of Things is a concept that has been talked about for some time now. The idea of a network with millions of sensors and instruments that monitor how everyday objects work first came out in the 1990s, when forward-thinking people began to toy with the idea of smart domestic appliances, such as fridges that remind their owners that they are running out of milk.

In the intervening years, this idea has moved away from the realms of science fiction and is increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives. Thanks to Fluidra, the Internet of Things has now reached the world of pools, following the introduction of a new concept: the Internet of Pools

The company has designed Fluidra Connect, a platform that enables users to remotely control the settings on all of the components involved in the maintenance of a pool, from the filtration to the lighting system, through to the heating and chemical treatment of the water.


Fluidra Connect works from a Wi-Fi Internet connection. Using the Connect Box device, the platform enables users to check all of the parameters and information about the control settings of their pools from their PC, tablet or smartphone. This information is displayed on easy-to-read charts and reports in which any incident or setting that should be checked are highlighted.

In addition, all of Fluidra’s new products come with a built-in MODBUS configuration, an innovative communications protocol that connects devices, which will enable all the components that make up a pool to work on the same network.

The advantages that users will gain from this system are quite clear, but it should not be forgotten that Fluidra Connect will also offer dealers in the sector a new business opportunity. From now on, service engineers who undertake pool maintenance work will be in a position to deliver an exclusive service for a minimum investment that will make diagnostic visits a thing of the past.

Furthermore, pool dealers will be able to take on more customers whilst making the services they offer more effective.

Fluidra Connect saw its official launch at Piscine Global 2014, where it created a buzz. Indeed, the platform was well received by the hundreds of dealers from the sector who were at the show, held in Lyon, and they were able to see the system’s innovative features for themselves

Further information at www.fluidraconnect.com, or via email at info@fluidraconnect.com.