The pool experts / The Five New Trends in Pools for 2016 | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

Today we are going to review the trends that will have an impact on the design of pools this year. We would like to present five accessories and applications that are essential for a must-have pool. Which would you choose?

1. Colourful pools

In addition to having a longer service life, underwater LED lighting fittings are extremely efficient and reduce a pool’s power consumption. And what if we told you that you could customise your pool lighting? Install our customisable LEDs and you will be able to combine the colours and light sequences to your liking: red for a pool party, blue for a relaxing night time dip, green for setting the atmosphere for an evening with your friends in the garden… It’s up to you!


What’s your favourite option?

2. Design in and out of the water

Replacing your shower is an apparently simple change but it will add great value to your pool. Go for an elegant design that blends in with the surroundings, with features that will make every swim in your pool an experience to look forward to. What about walking through a pleasant spray of fine water before you dive into your pool?


In the picture, the Iguazu model by AstralPool

3. Greater commitment to sustainability

This year the most advanced technology will make a greater contribution than ever to sustainability. Apart from making your life easier, smart devices have useful features that help protect the environment. For example, by using an automatic pool cleaner you will be able to thoroughly clean your pool’s floor, walls and water line, as well as consuming far less water.


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4. Internet of Pools

Home automation used in architecture and design is another of the current up-and-coming trends. After the Internet of Things burst onto the scene of the pool sector in the shape of the Internet of Pools in 2014, this year will see it firmly establish itself. Turn your pool into an automated one. Manage all of the components involved in pool maintenance from your PC, tablet or smartphone, and spend all of your free time relaxing and enjoying yourself.


Fluidra Connect: The Future is Here

5. Look after you and yours, and your pool

Cut down the amount of water that evaporates and reduce heat loss from your pool by installing an automatic cover. These types of systems, which stand out for being highly efficient, not only prevent accidents (extremely important, especially if there are children around), but also prevent damage to the pool shell.


In the picture, N-Carlit by AstralPool. Find out about the rest of the range