The pool experts / The Best Way to Get the Most Out of a Pool Year-Round | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

It’s a cold winter’s day. After eight hours at the office and a colossal traffic jam, you finally arrive home. You pour a glass of wine, change into your swimsuit and relax into the pool. The water is the perfect temperature. You begin a gentle breaststroke and after just a few strokes start to feel relaxed and to leave the commotion of the day behind. Can you think of any better way to unwind?

Just because the temperatures drop doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your pool until next summer. Installing a heat pump will make your pool a temple of health and wellbeing that you and your family can enjoy in comfort all year round.

There are various options on the market for heating private pools, but none as sustainable as EVOLine. Made by AstralPool, this heat pump is especially designed for private pools up to 80m3. To produce heat, EVOLine extracts energy from the air, making it not just environmentally friendly but also providing significant energy and cost savings. In fact, EVOLine produces 5 times more energy than it consumes.

Plus, at the height of the Internet of Things, the AstralPool EVOLine pump applies this technology to guarantee a perfect pool at all times. EVOLine has a 3G and 4G mobile app so you can continuously control the temperature no matter where you are.

The EVOLine app shows the current pool temperature and allows you to adjust it and choose the pump operating mode: hot, cold or automatic. And, for greater sustainability, you can select and program the times when you want the pump running.

More information on the EVOLine heat pump available on the AstralPool website. Are you ready to settle in to a warm pool this winter?