The pool experts / The 5 VIP passes to Piscine Global Lyon now have an owner! | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

We now have the names of the five people who, thanks to The Cool Pool, will enjoy a VIP experience at the 27th edition of the Piscine Global Lyon trade fair, from 15 to 18 November.

Thanks to everyone who took part!

At the draw witnessed by a notary, the winners of a Piscine Global Lyon VIP pass were:

  • Martina Anderluh, Slovenia
  • Maurizio Marcozzi, Italy
  • José García Maside, Spain
  • Ignacio Martín Sevillano, Spain
  • Dimitris Vitalis, Greece

The organisers of the prize draw will contact the winners soon to go into the details of how to collect their passes. Congratulations and… we’ll see you in Lyon!