Spectacular pools / Swimming Pool Design: Innovation at the Service of People and the Environment | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

Pool design, just like the designs of cars and sunglasses, has evolved over the years. Infinite pools, organic shapes, architectural integration. When it comes to developing a project of these characteristics the designers’ work is becoming increasingly more exquisite. Along with aesthetic quality anyone who is thinking of installing a swimming pool next to their home or tourism business can now enjoy a fully automated and high-tech installation, where users feel like they have stepped into an oasis.

diseño-de-piscinas thecoolpoolLarge or small, today’s pools can complement home, hotel, spa and recreation facility design. Planned with exquisite care, these designs take into account the environment, the optimisation of resources (water and energy), colour, even the therapeutic capabilities of water, as well as functionality, comfort and user safety.

Besides the design of the pool itself, care in defining the surrounding space is essential for acheiving the desired result: an unforgettable swimming experience. It is no longer just a task for a hotel or a health club; for single-family homes the study of the final appearance of both the pool and its surroundings is becoming even more important. Rock walls, small caves, waterfalls and even water slides make, in some cases, the elements for an extraordinary bathing ritual. In others, however, the design is limited to recognising the natural environment without adding any additional elements. The possibilities are endless and any pool user can create their own customised pool experience.

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