The pool experts / Summer vibes: 5 ideas for decorating your pool | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

Regardless of the shape and size of your pool, these five tips are guaranteed to turn your backyard into an uplifting space. The basics: a perfect lawn and crystal-clear water The first step to a relaxing backyard is to make sure your lawn and pool water are in perfect condition. Obviously, regular maintenance is the best way to make this happen, but there are solutions on the market like robotic lawn mowers and automatic pool cleaners that can make your job even easier and worry-free. starlight-astralpool_thecoolpool Let there be light Now that you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to focus on the details. Installing light sources around the outside of the pool is guaranteed to provide a modern and relaxing touch. Some ideas: (carefully) place candles around the pool edge or floating in the water, install a string of lights across your backyard, or decorate your pool with customizable floating lights like AstralPool’s StarLight range. Comfortable, stylish furniture Without a doubt, outdoor furniture makes a huge difference in terms of comfort and design. A simple bench or hammock can provide you and your guests unbeatable comfort (start thinking about which crime novel you want to read by the pool this summer!). And if you put a large table in your backyard you can plan all sorts of gatherings to make the most out of the space.  For a relaxed, updated look, decorate with different kinds of chairs and accessories. elegance-astralpool_thecoolpool Design accessories The pool is without a doubt the centerpiece of any backyard. Making sure all accessories look good and blend in with the surroundings is a crucial component of any stylish backyard: installing a designer shower or a comfortable and elegant ladder are two simple ways to enhance the space for fantastic results. Green never goes out of style Not sure what to do with a backyard wall? A vertical garden is a sustainable and attractive solution. These gardens are grown vertically on a wall and provide an enhanced sense of tranquility. A vertical garden not only improves the aesthetics of a space, but gives you the chance to do one of life’s most rewarding activities: gardening. Why not join the slow life movement? 28487485 - modern villa with pool, view from the garden If you’re passionate about outdoor design, share your tips and opinions in the comments section! And if you have any questions about pool maintenance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.