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With its new range of automatic pool cleaners, AstralPool has once again made the most environmentally-friendly and advanced technology available to the general public. The brand’s innovative pool cleaners guarantee a thorough clean that uses less water in record time, thus giving people the opportunity to enjoy more time in the pool.

gyro_thecoolpoolAmong these cleaners’ many features is the sophisticated piece of technology Gyro, a smart navigation system exclusive to AstralPool – included as standard in all models– that ensures the entire pool is cleaned in every cycle. It scans and memorises the shape of a pool, thus avoiding obstacles and giving a thorough clean to the pool’s floor, walls and waterline in record time.

Until very recently, this technology was only available for models designed for commercial pools. The widespread use of mobile devices means that it now makes sense to put this technology on the market for private pools. The precision steering function delivers the efficiency users can expect from a smart cleaner.

In addition, all models come with a new three-dimensional filter. Thanks to the 3D technology, this filtration system captures even the smallest microparticles to provide a greater level of cleaning up to four times better in all types of pools.

Similarly, the power pack includes a programmer from which all functions can be controlled. Moreover, if the user wishes, it is possible to install a handy remote control. Other impressive features include the PVA wheels, thanks to which AstralPool’s cleaners can adapt to any kind of surface (ceramic, liner, polyester or painted concrete) and can grip to walls and slopes with ease.

hurricane thecoolpoolHurricane, the finest pool cleaner around

With a cutting edge design and state-of-the-art technology, the Hurricane pool cleaners offer a series of innovative features that affirm their place as the most sophisticated private pool cleaner that AstralPool has to offer.

On top of the Gyro technology and 3D filters, the Hurricane models are equipped with the Easy View system, which allows users to see the level of dirt through transparent windows and an LED light that warns the user when the filter is full.

What’s more, thanks to their innovative adjustable, high power suction nozzles, the pool cleaners will vacuum any particle, light or heavy.

The Hurricane range comprises of the Hurricane 3, Hurricane 5, Hurricane 7 and Hurricane 7 Duo models.  Find out more here. The Pulit Advance +, Max+, AstralPool x5 and Max1 models complete the AstralPool family of robot pool cleaners.