The pool experts / Starry Skies in the Bottom of the Pool | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

Have you ever dreamed of floating among the stars? Making your dream come true is now much closer than you imagine. IgniaLight has created Starry Sky, an innovative decorative lighting system that uses underwater fibre optic cables to create captivating constellations in the bottom of the pool.

Unlike other devices that use metal fixtures, the system designed by the Fluidra group brand is imperceptible during the day thanks to the size and neutral colour of the fibres when off. Starry Sky is also compatible with a range of pools: concrete lined, tiled, marble, glass plated or lined with other natural stones, etc.


Easy and safe installation

Though simple, the correct installation of Starry Sky can be a laborious task, especially if you want truly magical results. To create an even greater sense of floating in space we recommend installing the system in dark-bottom pools (ceramic, marble or granite) and placing the stars at random, imitating their position in the sky.

A tarp will be required under the installation if you want to install Starry Sky on a non-impermeable surface. The system also runs on 12VAC power to ensure safe lighting that requires no additional mechanical or electrical protection.

Moreover, the Starry Sky optical conductors are backed by a 20-year warranty to give you peace of mind and bathrooms with spectacular night skies for years.

Every Starry Sky kit contains:

  • Set of 40 1-mm fibre optic cables for a total of 360 metres.
  • Waterproof light with IP65 rating and high-power LED Cree XR-E and electronic power supply operating at 12VAC; 2 meters of neoprene cable provided.
  • 40 halogen-free ABS supports, 80 clamps and instruction manual.

Would you like more information? Click here to download the Starry Sky catalogue.