THE COOL POOL / 26 February 2018

A natural public pool near Basel

Basel is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting destinations when it comes to planning a trip to discover a region with good architecture. This Swiss city and its immediate surroundings have numerous outstanding pieces of work, both in terms of design and execution. Herzog & de Meuron were behind a project on the [...]
THE COOL POOL / 9 February 2018

Franck Bohbot’s stunning Paris pools

In Franck Bohbot’s pictures, everything looks set to become a memorable film location: glass lamps shine in his spaces, the floor is recently waxed, natural lighting flows through the outsized windows and the classy ceilings speak to the enormity of architecture and history. His series also feature the most stunning pools in Paris. That’s because, [...]
THE COOL POOL / 11 January 2018

A pool on high with views over the city of Medellin

Leveraging a privileged location, a new block of luxury apartments went up in El Poblado, Medellin, one of the 16 communes of Colombia’s most populous city after the capital Bogota, and which has become a residential area for Colombian high society. Despite its height, the gesture produced in the facade, with some of the floor [...]
THE COOL POOL / 20 December 2017

A pool in the Apulia countryside

The architecture of the past is perfectly recognizable in this hotel establishment located just a few kilometers away from Ostuni, commonly known as the white town of Brindisi, in the heart of the Apulia countryside. It took Andrew Trotter three years to get to the bottom of local traditions to come up with the design [...]
THE COOL POOL / 5 December 2017

An old farmhouse with a natural pool

Cork oaks, holm oaks and pine trees characterise the Catalan landscape of Les Gaverres Nature Reserve where Barcelona-based outfit Zest Architecture has redeveloped a former farmhouse. The work in this ideal hiking spot needed to respect the original building due to town-planning regulations and successfully reinterpreted and adapted it to modern times, integrating it carefully [...]
THE COOL POOL / 20 November 2017

High-contrast pools

The popularity of coloured pools with a surprise effect is set to grow in 2018. Today we showcase some of the most creatives ideas demonstrating that a pool is no longer just a place for wellbeing but also a setting for enjoying art at home. Pools inspired by nature Throughout his career, architect Luis Barragán [...]
THE COOL POOL / 25 October 2017

Villa K, swimming on the edge of Thuringian Forest

We turn to the Paul de Ruiter Architects studio for an excellent example of a sustainable family home. The Dutch outfit has just designed and built Villa K in Germany, a commission which, above all else, sought a discreet result integrated in the natural environment. And that is what they got: a clean and transparent [...]
THE COOL POOL / 25 October 2017

Discover the shark pool in the LEGO House

The LEGO House, recently opened in the centre of Billund, Denmark, is an amazing life-size construction built using 25 million plastic LEGO bricks in which nothing is what it seems. In total, 21 spaces in the shape of superimposed blocks invite children and adults to explore them through play and their imagination. The house of [...]
THE COOL POOL / 3 October 2017

A pool over the horizon of Tarifa

James&Mau is a firm of architects that also founded Infiniski, a green concept construction company. It has now made a modular home of unbeatable quality a reality, both in terms of architecture and eco-friendliness. Although the sea is not very close to the plot, thanks to its high position on a slope and the way [...]
THE COOL POOL / 30 August 2017

An aquatic centre in the stunning French Alps

Courchevel, a ski resort in Tarentaise Valley (Savoie), is also an ideal place to practice this quintessential winter sport in a spot in the French Alps where you can enjoy all the fine qualities of water. In tiered countryside of a typically Alpine nature, the Aquamotion Aquatic Center has occupied a platform with stunning views [...]
THE COOL POOL / 30 August 2017

Maria Svarbova, vintage pool photographer

In Slovak photographer Maria Svarbova’s works, swimmers prepare to enter a pool, play in the water, wait on the edge of a start’s block or sit on a poolside bench. Her photos of bathers in colourful swimming caps in Soviet-era swim centres have sparked interest across the worlds of art and fashion. Svarbova’s work has [...]
THE COOL POOL / 7 July 2017

Floating between heaven and earth

The Hotel Hubertus, located in the Italian village of Valdaora, is in a magnificent setting in South Tirol. It is particularly attractive to travellers looking for idyllic landscapes for skiing or hiking and who need a place to relax after their hard efforts. At the foot of the famous Kronplatz, in the Puster Valley, this [...]
THE COOL POOL / 20 June 2017

A Scandinavian refuge for enjoying water all year around

Everybody knows about the enviable Scandinavian custom of using the bounties of water for keeping in good physical and mental health. The young architects’ studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, founded in Stockholm in 1995 and whose work straddles between architecture and design, has just designed and completed a pavilion with two pools for a villa built […]

THE COOL POOL / 15 May 2017

A sea of creativity in the Mexican desert

One of the most fashionable destinations for today’s travelers is undoubtedly Mexico’s San José del Cabo. Good food, golf courses and water activities –including whale watching, diving and surfing– are just some of the ingredients that make this corner in the southeast part of Baja California an unforgettable place for a getaway.

THE COOL POOL / 18 April 2017

Not Recommended for Swimmers with Vertigo

The downtown area of Houston (USA) has been undergoing a major urban transformation over the past 10-plus years. Like many cities across the world, this major metropolis in the state of Texas is rolling out municipal policies to provide more office space and residential developments to future citizens while also promoting itself as a tourist […]

THE COOL POOL / 6 April 2017

Fountains – A Universal Meeting Point

Fountains are a regular meeting point in cities. They are identifiable and relaxing constructions that improve the look of a city and provide a breathing space for stressed-out city dwellers. Below we outline a number of fountains which appeal for different reasons.

THE COOL POOL / 17 March 2017

Giraffes dive into the pool

Diving is one of the most visually spectacular and exciting sports. Proof of this is the absolute silence that reigns in Olympic stadiums from the moment a diver plunges off the springboard and lands in the water. Given the huge hypnotic effect this traditional sports discipline has on spectators, what would happen if the divers […]

THE COOL POOL / 22 February 2017

Wellness is for Kids Too

Tucked away in an idyllic spot in the Pyrenees is a place where children can relax, make friends and enjoy water year-round whether rain, hail or shine. The place is Likids, the world’s first children’s spa.

THE COOL POOL / 14 February 2017

This house is synonymous with harmony and family enjoyment

The owners of this house in Paterna wanted to renovate the property, a series of volumes that has been in the family for generations. Architecture firm Fran Silvestre Arquitectos came up with a solution to give it a new and uniform identity that would meet the clients’ specific expectations: to maintain the structure, spaces, uses, garden and […]

THE COOL POOL / 25 January 2017

You won’t believe what NASA is hiding in this pool

Since the mid-90s, swimming has been an essential exercise for astronauts. That’s not because a large mass of water had been discovered in space in that decade, but because since then it has been a fundamental part of the training NASA astronauts undergo in a giant swimming pool.

THE COOL POOL / 12 January 2017

Are wave pools the future of surfing?

With 35 million surfers around the world, surfing as a pastime and the lifestyle surrounding it have not stopped growing in popularity. The consolidation of artificial wave pools for practising this sport now opens new avenues of business.

THE COOL POOL / 5 December 2016

A Contemporary Teahouse in Xuhui

In contrast to Far East buildings made from stone, wood or mud and distinguished mainly by their heavy and rotund nature, today we discover an oriental-style building which is surprising precisely because of its change of tack regarding choice of materials.

THE COOL POOL / 22 November 2016

Pool Society Portraits

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of photographer Slim Aarons, whose camera immortalised American high society between the 1950s and 80s. His shots tell stories of privilege and influence and made the swimming pool an object of desire for many generations.

THE COOL POOL / 15 November 2016

A Pool for Taking in the Stars

There’s no paved road to reach this gorgeous place and you also have to cross a river (only possible in summer as the bed overflows on rainy winter days). Once there, you come across a rustic property, green for most of the year, filled with olive trees and rocks, and four simple buildings that have […]

THE COOL POOL / 18 October 2016

Design and Wellness: The Therme Vals Case

Peter Zumthor signed off on one of his most international projects in 1996: the Therme Vals spa complex. Two decades on, there isn’t an architect in the world who doesn’t long to relax in the evocative waters of this space and discover the secret to its architecture.

THE COOL POOL / 13 October 2016

A “Crossed House” in Murcia

Clavel Arquitectos designed and built a beautiful crossed house in a property development located in Molina de Segura, in the Spanish region of Murcia. The single-family property, which boasts views over the surrounding Sierra de la Pila and Valle de Ricote mountains, ingeniously harnesses sunlight and solar energy

THE COOL POOL / 26 September 2016

Infinity pool inspired by nature

Water is the star of this family dwelling, perfectly integrated with the landscape. The surprise effect is guaranteed: from the street, it appears to be a simple and discreet home, but it becomes more complex as you delve further inside. The rear, surrounded by nature, holds a well-kept secret: a split-level infinity pool that defies […]

THE COOL POOL / 19 August 2016

Would you dare have one of these pools?

When we decide to build a pool in our garden, one of the most important questions we should ask ourselves is what shape it will be. There are some guidelines that can help us make the decision and get the best results, both in terms of style and purpose.

THE COOL POOL / 12 August 2016

The best celebrity pools

The private life of the rich and famous has always generated a huge amount of interest. Would you like to know where eight of the world’s most influential celebrities relax? We reveal the pools – authentic oases – where actors, models and singers switch off from the daily grind of filming, concerts, photo sessions and […]

THE COOL POOL / 5 August 2016

Casa de los Vientos, the beauty of containment

Among 449 projects submitted, the judges of the 13th Spanish Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism highlighted 22 pieces of work “for their attitude, completely different from anything ever suggested before in interventions on heritage sites, the city and the landscape”.

THE COOL POOL / 19 July 2016

Around the world in four pools

There’s no need to grab your passport but you’re about to go on a journey around four architectural gems spread across the globe. This trip includes a museum, two temples and one monument, all of which have one thing in common: the use of reflecting pools.

THE COOL POOL / 5 July 2016

A refreshing pool for 12 families

Under the Castle of Santa Catalina, in the neighbourhood of San Juan – one of the poorer parts of Jaén’s old quarter – Brijuni Arquitectos has designed and built a block of 12 dwellings with façades full of colour. The building rises up above a shared community space with a nice attractive pool that is ideal for […]

THE COOL POOL / 16 June 2016

Immerse yourself in minimalist Japanese architecture

Aonagi is a boutique luxury hotel in the Japanese region of Setouchi, in Okayama Prefecture. This painstakingly developed hotel project boasts only seven rooms and was designed 17 years ago by Tadao Ando, a brilliant self-taught Japanese architect whose exquisite work –famous for the use of concrete, light and water– earned him the Pritzker Prize, […]

THE COOL POOL / 3 June 2016

Making a splash: five music videos filmed at pools

Pools have long been chosen by artists as the perfect backdrop for their music videos. This list includes eighties icons, rock bands and pop stars who’ve gotten wet and wild in their videos and made a splash to promote their songs.

THE COOL POOL / 16 May 2016

Pool with a view of the Great Barrier Reef

Just on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, between the 74 islands that make up the archipelago of Whitsunday, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can be found Hamilton Island. Facing the coast of Queensland, Australia, it is the archipelago’s largest inhabited island, has its own commercial airport and is just a short boat […]

THE COOL POOL / 19 April 2016

Ladies and gentlemen: fasten your swimsuits!

Can you think of a better way to escape the usual hustle and bustle of air travel than with a refreshing dip? The three airports below all have a pool, a guaranteed way to beat the boredom and make layovers, delayed flights and cancellations more (much more) bearable.

THE COOL POOL / 12 April 2016

Blue pool between red walls

Today, we once again turn our attention to 1970s architecture, in particular the work of Ricardo Bofill, an architect whose emblematic designs include the Barcelona airport expansion, the W Barcelona hotel, the remodel of an old cement factory on the outskirts of Barcelona (which he turned into his headquarters, the Taller de Arquitectura), and the design […]

THE COOL POOL / 22 March 2016

A pool surrounded by dry stone walls in Formentera

You can be sure that whoever visits Formentera for the first time will be dazzled by its natural beauty and will keep a picture of it in their minds, as well as an intense desire to return. This flat, stony Balearic island is well known for its crystalline water, its idyllic beaches and spectacular cliffs.

THE COOL POOL / 18 February 2016

Landscaping of Peratallada Castle

Interventions in historic buildings are a great challenge for any professionals who wish to bring in new skills to transform and update heritage sites. On many occasions a great deal of care and attention is taken in the makeovers given to this legacy. A fine balance must be struck between respecting what is already there […]

THE COOL POOL / 18 January 2016

Sardinera House, an Experience Between Sky and Sea

The Cool Pool once again turns the spotlight on the Mediterranean with this exquisite family home that showcases natural stone, concrete, glass, water and the surrounding vegetation. Located in Jávea, Valencia, along the stunning coast between El Portitxol and Cala Blanca, Sardinera House dominates a hillside that rises above the Mediterranean’s turquoise water with a […]

THE COOL POOL / 24 December 2015

An Urban Lagoon in Taiwan

The Dutch firm of architects MVRDV is to design a new lagoon in the city centre of Tainan in Taiwan. The project will entail the demolition of the China-Town shopping mall, which was built in 1983 and is now in urgent need of replacement due to its dilapidated state of repair.

THE COOL POOL / 13 November 2015

Water as an Architectural Resource

Lady Bird Lake (formerly Town Lake) is a reservoir that was built on the Colorado River where it passes through the US city of Austin, Texas, for the purposes of containing floods and providing a leisure facility in the region..

THE COOL POOL / 26 October 2015

An Evocative Pool in an Italian Villa

Ten years ago, the owners of a historic 1900 Italian villa decided to extend it by opening up its thick load-bearing walls and adding a glass gallery on the ground floor to connect the inside of the home with its spectacular natural surroundings.

THE COOL POOL / 11 September 2015

Pools From the 60s: The Sheats Goldstein Residence

The architect John Lautner designed and built the Sheats Goldstein residence in the early 60s on a piece of property a short distance from the Beverly Hills border. The home was originally built for Helen (an artist) and Paul (a doctor) Sheats and their three children, who commissioned Lautner to build their new residence in an environment […]

THE COOL POOL / 19 August 2015

Unique Pools in Hidden Spots

Would you love to swim in an ancient Roman cistern, relax in a swimming pool overlooking the Aegean Sea or take a dip under Gothic arches? Then discover these three pools which, despite being covered, are filled with light and history.

THE COOL POOL / 20 July 2015

Relax in Manhattan with The Cool Pool Design Awards

Owing to the success of the first edition, The Cool Pool Design Awards have extended the deadline for submitting documentation for the Pro category until 1 September 2016. The first prize in the Pro category is a trip for two to New York with a ticket for Aire Ancient Baths*, an exclusive spa where you […]

THE COOL POOL / 13 July 2015

Essential Water Parks

With family or friends, spending the day at a water park is fun guaranteed. Here we have four parks that are well worth a visit thanks to their architecture and attractions.

THE COOL POOL / 18 May 2015

Swimming Pool Art

If we were to ask a group of people to make a list of things you can find on the floor of a swimming pool, the signature of a genius such as Pablo Picasso would certainly not be among their answers. Here are five projects that fuse swimming pools and art together, including a fashion […]

THE COOL POOL / 27 April 2015

Renovation and Expansion of the Pool in Bagneux, France

The Paris suburb of Bagneux inaugurated its new local pool facilities last September. The already decadent original building, built in the 1950s, was revamped as part of an urban regeneration project led by Strasbourg-based architects Dominique Coulon et Associés.

THE COOL POOL / 14 April 2015

Pools Designed by Pritzker-Winning Architects

Often referred to as the “Nobel Prize of architecture”, since 1979 the Pritzker Awards  annually recognise the outstanding career of an international architect. Today we take a look at three pools designed by architects who have won one of these prestigious awards.

THE COOL POOL / 9 April 2015

Pools in Films: Lights, Camera … Splash!

This month we pay tribute to the long history of great swimming pools scenes in film. We take a look at five scenes in which, one way or another, the pool plays a leading role. Have we left out your favourite? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

THE COOL POOL / 18 March 2015

Arab Baths Restored in the Hotel Plaza Vieja in Almería

Located on the former souk that stood there in the times of the Muslim conquest of Spain, whoever wonders into this corner of Almería will discover the city’s Plaza Vieja. Its Town Hall is also found there and, if you’re looking for a room, you will also come across the Hotel Lounge Plaza Vieja designed […]

THE COOL POOL / 26 January 2015

White Concrete Open Lounge in Morelos, Mexico

Tepoztlán is located in Morelos, a state in south-central Mexico. Given its location less than fifty miles from the Mexican capital and pleasant climate, the town is known as a popular tourist destination among the citizens of Mexico City.

THE COOL POOL / 23 December 2014

The Most Spectacular Rooftop Pools

The rooftops of some luxury hotels conceal magical pools, veritable oases in the middle of urban landscapes accessible to only a few. This article will highlight a selection of five rooftop pools where lucky customers can enjoy a relaxing dip above the cityscape.

THE COOL POOL / 16 December 2014

A Spa Refuge: Hot Springs in Nha Trang, Vietnam 

In southeast Vietnam, in the city of Nha Trang, the architecture team at a21 studio have just finished work on the facilities for a hot spring resort, which has a unique architectural touch. Located on a hillside, it stands out thanks to its unusual roof and the triangular layout of its indoor swimming pool.

THE COOL POOL / 28 November 2014

Wood Used for the Roof of a Pool

The triangulated cross-laminated roof trusses in wood that can be seen in the picture make up this spectacular space designed by the London-based practice, Duggan Morris Architects, as part of the refurbishment of the swimming pool in the 1980 building, Alfriston School in Buckinghamshire.

THE COOL POOL / 24 November 2014

The Internet of Things Reaches the Pool Sector

The Internet of Things is a concept that has been talked about for some time now. The idea of a network with millions of sensors and instruments that monitor how everyday objects work first came out in the 1990s, when forward-thinking people began to toy with the idea of smart domestic appliances, such as fridges […]

THE COOL POOL / 20 October 2014

Inúu, a Benchmark Wellness Centre

Built by the French architect Jean-Michel Ruols, Inúu has become a benchmark in Europe for the personal care and wellbeing sector. Located in the town of Escaldes-Engordany (Andorra), this innovative wellness centre is attached to the Caldea spa complex and covers a total surface area of 12,400 m2, of which 2,580 m2 are taken up […]

THE COOL POOL / 13 October 2014

Places to lose all notion of time

Many hotels include a choice of health treatment services that make them stand out from the rest. Establishments that are exclusively devoted to enjoy the physical benefits of water are becoming increasingly common. In almost every case, this means going to a wellness facility. The 2013 edition of the report, the Global Spa & Wellness […]

THE COOL POOL / 19 September 2014

Social Pool: A Swimming Pool in the Middle of the Desert?

The Austrian artist Alfredo Barsuglia has constructed an eleven-by-five foot swimming pool in the Southern California desert, open to anyone who wants to use it. It is an artistic piece whose existence was made possible through the collaboration between the artist, a Vienna resident, and the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles. White and […]

THE COOL POOL / 15 September 2014

Swimming Pool Design: Innovation at the Service of People and the Environment

Pool design, just like the designs of cars and sunglasses, has evolved over the years. Infinite pools, organic shapes, architectural integration. When it comes to developing a project of these characteristics the designers’ work is becoming increasingly more exquisite. Along with aesthetic quality anyone who is thinking of installing a swimming pool next to their […]

THE COOL POOL / 12 August 2014

+ Pool, the First Water-Filtering Floating Pool

New York will witness the construction of the world’s first water-filtering floating pool, the + POOL. Last spring, its creators announced the start of the building work and the subsequent completion of a floating laboratory on the River Hudson, as well as the launch of a new online platform set up in partnership with Google […]

THE COOL POOL / 22 July 2014

A Floating House Where You Feel Like You Are Walking on Water

In the area between Calpe and Altea, overlooking the Peñón de Ifach (Rock of Ifach), Silvestre Architects has designed a house that appears to be floating in the air, a place where the owner feels like he is walking on water. The blank canvas for this cliff house was a steep lot with sea views. […]

THE COOL POOL / 4 July 2014

Advanced Technology: Now in Pools?

Innovative pool maintenance accessories that aim to make living with a pool easier are increasingly available on the market. Pool owners know that water quality, temperature, cleanliness, level and the type of chemical products used must constantly be monitored. Like in other industries, implementing advanced technology in pools makes taking care of all these factors […]

THE COOL POOL / 23 April 2014

Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel in Bali

TripAdvisor and Condé Nast Traveller have both placed this luxurious hotel, located in the heart of the Indonesian jungle, at the top of their World’s Best Swimming Pool 2014 ranking.

THE COOL POOL / 4 April 2014

Abandoned Metro Stations in Paris Resurrected

Paris is the city of light and its metro is one of the most famous in the world. Some of its stations, converted into ghost stations after being abandoned, will once again be used once this proposal by Paris architecture firm Oxo Architectes, founded by architect Manal Rachdi, becomes a reality.