Pool cleaning can be an easy, simple task using a high-end smart robot. Today we present two reference models to keep your pool in tip-top condition, with clear water free of particles and a blue floor, perfect for a dip at any time.

The H7 DUO by AstralPool adapts to the surface of each pool. The PVA wheels provide for full adherence and can collect dirt from sides or walls made from ceramics, painted concrete, polyester and liners, if your pool is demountable.

The Gyro navigation technology system of this robot can remember the characteristics of your pool, memorising and scanning its particular shape. The information can then be adapted to its particular lines. Gyroscopic nanotechnology also allows it to avoid any obstacle. It completely cleans the whole of the basin surface in one simple cycle, including floors, walls and waterline, without the cable getting tangled.

The system of adjustable nozzles makes it possible to select suction intensity. If your pool is in an extremely dry setting or close to the beach, we recommend lowering the nozzles so the robot can trap all of the sand.

The curved texture of the loop fabric traps even the smallest microparticles floating on the pool surface. This 3D composition allows for effective, smart water filtering by the pool cleaning robot.

The CTX Typhoon Top 7 duo also lets you care for your pool with a professional clean finish. This robot can be used with a remote control so you can set the wash programme from anywhere in the garden. Cleaning waste is as simple as clicking a button on the control pad. You won’t have long to wait to be able to enjoy a pool with clean, crystal-clear water.

If you would like to know more about which model is best for the capacity and characteristics of your pool, don’t hesitate to contact us. Want to see one in action to check how it moves in the water? Here’s a video of how the H7 DUO works.