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Up with well watered green spaces! And with the responsible use of water, too!

Valves, solenoid valves, sprinklers and sprays, electric regulators and programmers are some of the components that form part of the smart irrigation systems available in the market and that make possible the efficient control and management of any irrigation system. All of this ensures the responsible use of water, one of the most valuable resources available to humankind.

From the regulation of water depending on temperature, rainfall and soil moisture through the various sensors or weather stations connected to regulators that are able to turn them off if they are not necessary, to the possibility of reducing the amount of water or even stopping irrigation systems in winter or the rainy season at the touch of a button, the number of ways of actually deciding how water is used has multiplied. It is now also possible to adjust the amount of water used depending on the type of lawn to be watered and its size by using sprinkler and spray systems, including micro-irrigation and drip irrigation systems so that only the water that is strictly necessary is used to water small areas or to water just the roots of some plants. These and other applications can be integrated to well designed systems and programmed so that users can not only regulate watering but also any other features that manufacturers make available.


The latest systems to have appeared in the market have started to incorporate smart telemanagement systems, which have become particularly widespread in large open spaces (public parks and gardens, green spaces in cities, etc.). They not only enable watering to be controlled at all times but also serve for water and power consumption audits, as alarms in the case of system failures or as efficiency indicators. The heads of green space maintenance and management can at any time monitor and control the use of water from their workstations using software able to regulate the watering of any space from a park to an entire city.