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The Cool Pool once again turns the spotlight on the Mediterranean with this exquisite family home that showcases natural stone, concrete, glass, water and the surrounding vegetation. Located in Jávea, Valencia, along the stunning coast between El Portitxol and Cala Blanca, Sardinera House dominates a hillside that rises above the Mediterranean’s turquoise water with a resounding formality.

Based on a set of six concrete structures closed at the entrance and open to the sea, this detached house is the end-to-end design of Ramón Esteve. The home’s proportions, finishes, furniture, exterior space and its integration into the landscape were carefully defined by the Valencian architect with an aim to create a home that enhances the views of this spectacular setting.

Casa Sardinera © Mariela Apollonio 2014_5_TheCoolPool

Spatial continuity is provided by the generous use of wood in the interior, bleached to match the concrete surfaces. The texture produced by the wooden formwork placed over the concrete surface creates a common language with the white wood used in ceilings, walls and furniture.

The white featured in each of the main rooms opens to offer breath-taking panoramic views of the sea. A microcement floor, also white, extends to the exterior terraces. At the edge of these terraces the inviting pool blends into the horizon that separates sky and sea.

Casa Sardinera © Mariela Apollonio 2014_3_TheCoolPool

The living spaces in Sardinera House are located on the ground floor, with each structure housing a bedroom on its second floor. Service and parking areas along with guest rooms, a gym, an indoor pool, a sauna and a dressing room are found in the basement.

Despite being on different levels, the indoor and outdoor pools connect through a longitudinal window, creating an intriguing play of shadows on the indoor pool.

Casa Sardinera © Mariela Apollonio 2014_2_TheCoolPool

The project was designed with a clear focus on sustainability that earned it an A rating on its energy performance certificate. One of the roofs has a system of vacuum tubes that use accumulators to heat the water used in the house and swimming pools. This solution is paired with a heat pump powered by a system of geothermal wells. A 100,000-litre tank installed under the outdoor pool also captures rainwater and channels it for irrigation.

The pool was named the Best Residential Pool in Europe 2015 at Barcelona’s prestigious Piscina & Wellness event and plays a crucial role in making this designer home an inviting place to live.

Casa Sardinera © Mariela Apollonio 2014_4_TheCoolPool

© Photos: Mariella Apollonio