Spectacular pools / Renovation and Expansion of the Pool in Bagneux, France | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

The Paris suburb of Bagneux inaugurated its new local pool facilities last September. The already decadent original building, built in the 1950s, was revamped as part of an urban regeneration project led by Strasbourg-based architects Dominique Coulon et Associés.

Only building’s two main structural frameworks were retained, along with the bleachers and the main roof structure, supported by six girders that rise above the two swimming pools on one end and the massive structure that forms the bleachers on the other. The transparent glass installed between the girders across from the bleachers floods the room with natural light. The renovation was an exercise in the efficient use of the essence of the original architecture while providing a new architectural solution.

The architects decided to expand the building by constructing a large reinforced concrete structure opposite the wall of glass that encloses the swimming area. This solid structure houses both the main access to the new facility on one side and a sundeck, new hammam, saunas and a children’s pool in another separate, organically-shaped area. The porthole-shaped opening functions as the pool’s brise-soleil, create necessary shaded areas inside the space.

The renovation project featured a predominance of white, light grey and blue. The blue is reflected in the original building and is complemented by the clean light grey and white of the new construction. The old façade was treated with an exterior insulation system finished with a thin concrete glaze to tie the old concrete building in with the new.

The sensibility and purity of the building’s structures draw the eye. The new pools are clearly defined in an urban setting, easily recognisable by the town’s citizens. Inside, each space has been meticulously studied and defined to develop the purpose of each under the best possible conditions for different users. The swimming pools, sundeck, children’s pool and spa area, a place reserved for rest and relaxation: all have been carefully designed to ensure that all users can enjoy each activity the facility offers in a space ideally designed for that purpose.