Trends in exterior design draw on ecological and natural materials that blend in with the environment and nature. Current tastes in gardens and terraces are dominated by rattan, one of the most widely used materials outdoors, as it has the enormous advantage of being able to create intimate spaces in gardens.

ratan thecoolpool.esHowever, rattan in not just a passing fashion as its resistance means that it has been used since time immemorial for many purposes. Originally from forests in India and other countries in the East, rattan looks like wicker but it has different fibres that make it possible to create much more striking combinations. This type of decoration is not only used in furniture: the latest in pool décor combines the rattan in the outer wall of pools with grey metal posts.

The GRE range of above-ground pools with a rattan surround is perfect in any environment as it blends in well in gardens and terraces. By choosing this style of pool with its fresh and sophisticated look will turn a terrace or garden into the perfect place to spend leisure time and relax. The various models come in different heights (120 and 132 cm), are round or oval and measure from 350 cm in diameter to 730 cm in length and 375 cm in width.

Moreover, GRE has all of the advantages of above-ground pools, which are ideal for use during a limited time of the year and perfect for people who do not wish to make a major investment in building work and planning. This is a pool that sits well in any garden or terrace and gives it added value. The rattan line is the ideal feature in any garden or terrace as it combines natural materials with a touch of elegance.

GRE is a pioneering company in the manufacture of above-ground pools. It has a wide range of products, from above-ground pools in various sizes and finishes, to a complete line of accessories for equipping and maintaining them, through to a number of chemical products specifically designed for pool water.