The pool experts / Poolbar, Music and Design at the Pool Bar | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

Since 1994 the six-week Feldkirch music festival (Austria) has hosted a range of electronic and techno music concerts. Performances by well-known and up-and-coming artists round out a diverse range of activities promoted through different competitions, including ones focused on architecture and fashion. All are held around a unique venue, the interactive area of the town’s former indoor swimming pool, a simple reinforced concrete building constructed between 1963 and 1965 according to the design of Swiss architect Walter Bosshart. First created as a summer artistic academy, each summer the festival is visited by 20,000 people interested in both discovering new things and seeking a chance to see their favorite international musicians in an intimate setting.


To gear up for the festival a related event is held in the former sauna at the Vienna Prater in May. This venue, which still maintains its original architecture, has become on of the most popular clubs in the city in recent years. A minimalist space where the charm of the 60s blends with a modern design and interior. No other venue in the town boasts a beautiful rooftop pool in which to swim in summer.



In addition to cooperating with Kunsthaus Bregenz, Kunstmuseum Liechtestein and other smaller regional cultural engines, each year (and for the purpose of reinventing itself), the Poolbar festival sets out the unique challenge of designing the images of both the Feldkirch and Prater spaces. The festival holds a competition for innovative architectural ideas, which must be expressive, affordable and highly artistic. All installations must be designed so that they can be prefabricated and mounted in a specific timeframe. Disassembly should also be done as quickly as possible and in such a way that the building does not suffer any damage. The festival’s organization relies on the support of the Voralberg Institute of Architects and the Chamber of Commerce of this Austrian region.

The first bands have already confirmed their attendance at the Poolbar festival, where fashion also has its place in the spotlight through a contest to define the style of the Poolbar itself.