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Summer days are coming to an end, but this doesn’t mean that your days in your garden’s pool have to come to an end in September. Do you know how to lengthen the bathing season when it starts to get cold? Would you like to find out how to raise the temperature of your pool by a few degrees that is inexpensive and environmentally friendly?

Inverter heat pumps heat the water to a pleasant temperature and are essential for making the bathing season longer. This technology’s balanced and sustainable energy consumption makes it possible to enjoy a swim even when the outdoor temperatures get colder and colder.

Heating pools using inverter technology is an efficient and inexpensive way of heating water as it can save up to 30% in comparison with conventional heat pumps. Inverter heat pumps are silent, eco-friendly and low energy devices. This is the ideal choice if you are looking for a sustainable solution. Specifically, AstralPool Pro Elyo Inverboost heat pumps are perfect for residential pools of up to 80 m3 and have the capacity to modify the power input depending of the water’s temperature and the outdoor weather conditions.

Inverter pumps can be used in every season. However, they are the perfect choice for heating pool water in winter (because they can run at outdoor temperatures as low as -10 ºC and have been specially designed to do so) and they can also be regulated to cool the water in summer.


Efficient and sustainable technology


Pro Eloy Inverboost heaters can be run in three modes: powerful, smart and quiet. Indeed, the latter mode makes running a pool at night extremely discreet as it works at between 40 and 42 dB, the sound level in a library.

Inverter heat pumps electronically regulate the rotational speed of the fan and compressor to adapt to the water and outdoor temperatures. This enables the unit to adapt its power input to the specific needs at the time a pool is being used, thus making significant savings.

Are you thinking about installing one of these pumps in your pool? Would you like to find out the characteristics of each of these models? There is a configurator on the AstralPool website that will enable you to find the solution best suited to your specific water requirements, the size of your pool shell, the weather and the desired pool temperature. The configurator will offer a selection of heat pumps and electric heaters that will deliver the best energy efficiency based on the information entered. Specifically, if you would like to enjoy inverter technology in your pool, we recommend the following models: Inverboost 10, Inverboost 14, Inverboost 21 and Inverboost 35.

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