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Judging by the amount of time we spend with smartphones and tablets they must be our best friends; we take them with us virtually everywhere we go. Now, thanks to technology and a new application developed by CTX, swimming-pool care and maintenance become as simple and accessible as answering the phone or checking your email.

CTX, the leader in swimming pool water care and treatment, gets on board with advanced tools for mobile and tablet devices and takes a step forward in making water maintenance easier and more convenient. Its new application sythesises 30 years of experience into an easy and convenient guide for diagnosing water condition anytime and receiving expert recommendations immediately.


After simply entering the pool’s basic characteristics and parameters, like pH and disinfectant leves, CTX Pool Care immediately creates a personalised diagnosis of pool water. After this first step, the user receives the diagnosis of the pool’s status and a list of actions to take, indicating both the product and the quantity, dosage method and exact instructions for optimal pool water.

In addition to the personalised to-do list, the application’s maintenance manual provides accurate solutions to potential problems arising from pool use: how to deal with algae, how to get perfect transparency, how to eliminate excess dirt…The manual also offers tips and warnings to keep water in its optimal state both during the high-use season and in winter, thus avoiding the need to drain the water and keeping it in perfect condition with the winter programme.

In addition, CTX Pool Care also presents its range of swimming pool care and disinfection products and provides users with an authorised dealer locator and facilitates direct contact with brand experts, who are on-hand to respond to any user questions.

The completely-free app is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play.