Many hotels include a choice of health treatment services that make them stand out from the rest. Establishments that are exclusively devoted to enjoy the physical benefits of water are becoming increasingly common. In almost every case, this means going to a wellness facility. The 2013 edition of the report, the Global Spa & Wellness Economy Monitor, forecast an annual growth of 9% until 2017 for this specific segment on a world level, almost 50% higher than tourism in general. The 2014 edition of the report gave new data showing the same trends.

One example that illustrates this is the Hotel & Spa Arzuaga in the Arzuaga-Navarro wine cellars in Valladolid. Here, guests can not only rest and recharge their batteries but also enjoy the world of wine, including wine-based treatments such as a hydromassage with polyphenols, which have health benefits if inhaled.



Another is the Hotel Castell dels Hams, in Mallorca, which has recently added an extension to house a new swimming pool and spa. These major new features surrounded by nature and landscapes are bathed in light thanks to a number of openings in the façade and roof that give tourists a new experience.

The same can also be said of Inúu. This new wellness centre in Andorra, attached to the Caldea spa complex, has made the most of the extraordinary properties of the hot spring water and has a selection of specialised treatments in an environment of absolute peace and quiet. It chose to follow the same path as the hot spring centre in Vals in Switzerland, which was built for the same purposes and was added as an extension to an already existing hotel. Built in natural surrounds, guests can enjoy an unbeatable experience whilst they reap the benefits of the water. The facilities have hot spring baths containing hydrogen carbonate and calcium sulphate.

Finally, in the Big Apple it is worth highlighting Aire Ancients Baths, a refurbished space in the city that was formally used as an art gallery and has now been converted into a new spa and wellness centre located at 88, Franklin Street.