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The upcoming Piscina & Wellness Barcelona trade fair, celebrated from 13 to 16 October 2015, will feature more exhibitors and a larger exhibition space than last year. It certainly seems that the Spanish market is experiencing a renewed spark of international interest, with the tourism industry making strong investments in pools and wellness equipment. The trade show will address these and other issues, along with placing an indisputable focus on wellness as an effective response to its growing presence in this sector.

Residential Swimming Pool Award for a pool in Menorca. Pool & Wellness Awards 2013.

One of the most eagerly-anticipated events of the trade show is the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona Awards 2015; promoted and organized in collaboration with ITeC (Catalonia Construction Technology Institute). The awards recognise innovation and sustainability in the increasingly broader and ever-growing pool industry.

Recreational Sports Facility Award for a project in Portugalete. Pool & Wellness Awards 2013.

Prizes are awarded in two categories: Products and Pools in Operation. All products and processes exhibited at the show are eligible for the first award. There will be two prizes in this category; the first is an Innovative Product Award for a major contribution to the industry with a new approach to the construction process, use or maintenance of residential swimming pools, wellness centres and recreational sports facilities. The Sustainable Product Award will recognise a major contribution in the efficient use of resources that respects the environment throughout its entire life cycle.

Wellness Centre Award for a project in Alicante. Pool & Wellness Awards 2013.

Entries in the “Pools in Operation” category can be trade show exhibitors, developers, industry professionals and construction companies. There will be four prizes in this category:a Residential Swimming Pool Award, a Wellness Centre Award, Recreational Sports Facility Award and, for the first time ever, a Swimming Pool Restoration Award. Projects must have been completed between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2015. One of the exhibitors will also be recognised with an Innovation Award.

If you have a product or project that could qualify for an award, please submit your entry form and present your project as soon as possible (the deadline is 22 September). Participate now at