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The first step for ensuring that a pool has as little environmental impact as possible is to choose the right systems involved in its maintenance. Specifically, the choice of a filtration pump that exactly meets the needs of the users and the requirements of each pool is decisive for attaining maximum sustainability, both in public and residential pools.

bomba-viron-p320-astralpool-56550An ideal pump system can reduce annual CO2 emissions by up to one tonne. In addition, the efficiency of certain devices can also translate as a reduction in costs associated with energy consumption by up to 900 euros a year. This is the case of Viron variable speed pumps, which contribute to power savings of 85% in medium-sized to large residential pools.

In terms of efficiency, variable speed pumps are one of the greatest innovations of the past few years. These pumps enable the person responsible for the maintenance of a pool to select their working speed. This is important because 95% of the time pumps are just filtering the water and do not need to run at a high speed. If a pump is working at a low speed during filtration, their power consumption and wear and tear are reduced, which increases their service life, as well as that of the rest of a pool’s components.

Thus, versatility and the capacity to adapt are two aspects that must be taken into account when a pool is being equipped. Bearing this premise in mind, AstralPool developed the plastic Kivu pump for semi-commercial and commercial pools. Using a standard motor shaft and the very latest technology in finite element analysis, this device adapts to any market without compromising on the optimisation of hydraulic efficiency by 85%.


Noise pollution is another problem that can easily be prevented. There are pump systems with sound levels imperceptible to the human ear in the market that enhance the well-being of bathers and that do not harm the environment. For instance, the Kivu system runs at less than 66 dB, whilst the Viron pump in residential pools never exceeds 63 dB.


How do you choose the most efficient pump for a pool?

The advice of an expert is the best way of making the right choice for the components of a pool. AstralPool Toolbox has been launched with the aim of facilitating the task of service engineers from the sector in giving guidance and an initial appraisal.

Amongst other information, this app enables them to find out which is the most suitable product for a pool based on its size and use, or what annual saving will be obtained by installing one pump or another. AstralPool Toolbox is free and available for iOS and Android devices.