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KIVU by AstralPool is one of the most versatile filter pumps on the market. Designed for a range of applications (pools, fish farms and water parks), KIVU is a plastic pump for large flows that offers maximum hydraulic efficiency with a low noise level.

One of the main advantages of KIVU is that it adapts to the needs of each market and customer. The pump has a standard motor shaft compatible with all manufacturers and mechanical and mounting elements that comply with target market regulations. This level of versatility is made possible by a unique platform design used across all versions

kivu thecoolpoolSustainability and energy efficiency are two of the top priorities at AstralPool. Therefore, the latest technology in finite element analysis (CFD and CAE) has been used in the design, development and simulation stages of KIVU, a process that guarantees high hydraulic efficiency, up to 85%.

Moreover, KIVU uses standard motors that comply with IEC, IE2 and NEMA standards and provide between 7.5 and 15 horsepower. This filter pump is also manufactured with high-performance materials and has a PCT patent pending and UL and GS marks.

The efficiency of the centrifugal pump engines, which reach 1500 rpm, coupled with a mechanical seal that can even work with seawater, results in an extremely quiet product, with a noise level of less than 66dBA.

KIVU’s features have been analysed in large-flow facilities (up to 208 m3/h). Tests have shown that KIVU’s high energy efficiency provides significant cost savings.