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Can you imagine a pool that can be installed in just one day? One that offers the durability of concrete, multiple design options and saves time and money? With these objectives in mind AstralPool developed ModuloPool, a module-based pool concept to suit the needs of every client.

The same strength and durability of a traditional pool

ModuloPool is a pool structure created from polypropylene modules, a recyclable material highly resistant to chemicals and temperature fluctuations. The modules are first assembled to create the required pool structure, and then concrete is poured in to provide the rigidity required to hold water and withstand its pressure.

Easy installation is one of the great advantages of ModuloPool. It takes approximately two people one day to install an 8×4 m structure. This unique construction system renders the drawbacks of a structural framework and its outer and inner lining unnecessary so that pool owners can enjoy their pool sooner.


Customers save both time and money with ModuloPool. Compared with traditional pool construction, AstralPool newest proposal results in a 50% savings on concrete and 35% savings on components to reinforce the structure.

The module-based construction of ModuloPool means that customers can choose from a range of designs to customise their pool. Shape, size, accessories…everything can be adapted. In addition, ModuloPool is compatible with all types of automatic pool covers to ensure sustainability and pool safety.

AstralPool has created a practical online configurator where anyone can easily design the pool of their dreams. To create a project, simply select the desired model, enter the size and shape, and then choose the accessories. You can also generate a quote or download the completed project with just one click.

The ModuloPool structure is available in four models:

Drop: this pool features classic, clean lines and includes elegant Roman-style steps

Mizu: a modern, rectangular pool with central access, perfect for the entire family.

Ibai: this model features a highly customisable contemporary, 100% rectangular shape.

Malik: the range of options offered by the side access make this pool adaptable to any surroundings.

ModuloPool also features three lines of accessories: Basic Solution, Sustainable Solution and Premium Solution

Download the catalogue here.