The pool experts / Mineralpools for Relaxing, Healthy Bathing | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

Our bodies can absorb up to 500 ml of water during an hour in the pool. It is therefore essential that pool water be clean and free of all substances that can harm the body. Fluidra set itself the goal of coming up with a practical solution to this problem. It has therefore created Mineralpools, a mineral-enriched salt that keeps water in top condition, as well as containing substances that are enormously beneficial for the body.

As it readily dissolves in water, Mineralpools is compatible with most salt chlorinator systems, so it will prevent the appearance of stains, and the build-up of limescale on a pool’s components and the stainless steel features. Mineralpools also saves time as, unlike chlorine treatments, salt chlorinators run automatically and only need the pH levels to be checked in order to carry out the disinfection process.


Swimming in mineral-enriched water gives bathers the feeling of mental relaxation and physical wellbeing. Thanks to the healing properties of its ingredients, Mineralpools leaves the skin and hair feeling smooth, eliminates stress, relaxes the muscles and relieves tension in the body. An added advantage is that by using this natural disinfection treatment, bathers will be able to swim in a pool without worrying about the smell, stinging eyes or the itchiness associated with chlorine.

How does it work?

  • Firstly, the total alkalinity must be adjusted to 80 ppm and the pH to 7.4.
  • Then pour the content of Mineralpools around the edge of your pool while the pump and filter are running.
  • After adding Mineralpools, the filter must continue to run for at least 4 hours.
  • During the process, it is recommended that the total alkalinity and the pH level be checked and adjusted if necessary.