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With just one breath and using muscle strength only, French freediver Guillaume Néry can plunge to a depth of 410 feet. With his multiple world achievements and through an astonishing combination of elite sport and video art, Néry has promoted the immensity of nature, showing that the human body has an enormous capacity to adapt to water and sharing the profound values he has learnt on the seabed.

His video Free Fall, which shows him leaping into the void inside Dean’s Blue Hole, the largest in the world and 663 feet deep, captures the beauty and mystery of this bay in the Bahamas. The viral video, recorded by his wife Julie Gautier, has been seen 26 million times on YouTube but as the couple said on US TV show Outrageous Acts of Science, “The idea wasn’t to touch the bottom but to create an art film different to what we usually see beneath the water, redefining limits and seeking to dive as deep as possible”.

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The magic of freediving

In addition to being a multiple constant weight freediving champion, Néry has absolute control of body over mind in the most extreme conditions and says that holding his breath helps him stop thinking and enter a state of complete peace and relaxation.

For Néry, diving becomes a type of conquest of the universe and gives him access to an unknown and unexplored space. In his TED talk The Exhilarating Peace of Freediving, he said of his experience at the seabed at a depth of 403 feet without oxygen equipment: “I feel like a small dot, a speck of dust, stardust, floating in the middle of the cosmos, in the middle of nothing, in the immensity of space. It’s a fascinating sensation, because when I look up, down, left, right, in front, behind, I see the same thing: the infinite deep blue.”

Diving also lets him connect with other values, such as humility, acceptance of the present moment and respect for his crew: “When I find myself at these depths… I’m a little speck of nothingness lost in all of time and space. And it … is absolutely fascinating.”

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