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AstralPool continues to develop innovative, sustainable solutions for pools. Its latest breakthrough is called LumiPlus Design, a range of underwater floodlights made using the most efficient LED technology able to achieve a radical reduction in energy consumption.

Without a doubt, the feature that distinguishes LumiPlus Design from other lighting solutions is its energy efficiency. In comparison with a traditional PAR 56 300 W halogen light bulb, a LumiPlus Design spotlight has a useful life 100 times greater and consumes six times less power.

What cannot be disputed is that LumiPlus Design spotlights save up to 87% in energy and have a useful life of 100,000 hours. Moreover, after the first 50,000 hours of use, these spotlights still retain 70% of their initial luminous flux.

This fantastic luminous and optical performance is enhanced by the clever positioning of the LEDs. They have been placed in such a way to light up a pool as brightly as possible and avoid the unnecessary loss of light outside of the pool.

Another of the principal featuresof the LumiPlus Design range is the design of the spotlights that can be used to customise any pool. There are two models (Inox Effect and Pure White) so that users can choose from a wide selection of options for lighting their pool facilities.





It must be highlighted that Inox Effect is the first underwater floodlight made using in-mould decoration (IMD) technology, which makes them resistant and gives them an elegant look in a stainless steel finish. As its name suggests, the Pure White model comes in a smooth white finish.

In addition, the two floodlights – which must be fitted in niches in the LumiPlus Design range – are available in two versions: one that emits white light and the other in RGB/RGB DMX.

Finally, LumiPlus Design comes with a three-year warranty and is compatible with all LumiPlus, Eco, Top, and DMX controls, as well as with the LumiPlus LED app.