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The hibernation process is essential to prevent the growth of microorganisms in pool water and becomes a core task in keeping the glass mosaic tiles or liner of the basin in perfect condition. Also, with the arrival of the good weather, it enables a fast start-up of the motor and the systems that integrate it, letting us dive straight into swim season.

Do you know how to minimise maintenance tasks without risking them not being efficient enough for the job? Internet-connected objects inside the pool help simplify the entire hibernation process, deliver savings on maintenance product costs and ensure real-time tracking with minimal effort.

Blue Connect is a floating sensor hooked up to the internet through the Sigfox network, the world’s leading Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity service, capable of working at a speed that does not interfere with the domestic wifi network. This smart device analyses four parameters that are essential for assessing water quality in winter: temperature, pH, chlorine and salinity. Did you know that if any of these measurements changes it can contribute to the rapid development of microorganisms or reduce the disinfecting power of maintenance products?

Hibernation via clear, reliable and concise data

Blue adapts to any pool type and the mobile app reports on essential maintenance actions, making real-time suggestions on how to correct the values and sending smart notifications to your phone so you know how to stabilise the parameters and modify them quickly.

Through the smartphone app you can access a complete control panel indicating the tasks to perform, the recorded values, their development and information on temperature and outside weather conditions. With a step-by-step visual guide created by maintenance professionals, Blue performs a comprehensive diagnosis enabling online control of your pool 24 hours a day.

Want to know how Blue Connect works? Check out this video for an idea of how intuitive, easy and effective it is!