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Enjoying a crystal clear swimming pool is easier than ever before with the CTX-39 Pool Gel purifier. CTX, the leading brand for the care and treatment of pool water, has created this groundbreaking clarifying agent to help you keep your pool clean and glistening.


Its single-dose design means it is easier to measure out the CTX product more precisely, without needing to deal with complicated dosage systems, and the fact that it is a chemical product certainly makes this a valuable feature.

With the CTX-39 Pool Gel, cleaning pools has become a much more efficient and ecological process. It is very easy to use as it works during the night, when it gathers colloid particles and algal spores to make it easier for the filter to absorb them.

The gel’s clarifying agent not only helps eradicate the suspended particles that cloud the water, it also improves the efficiency of disinfectants and helps to adjust chlorine and pH to their optimum levels.

CTX-39 Pool Gel is ideal for all kinds of swimming pools, except those that use either a cartridge or a diatomaceous earth filter.


With 30 years of experience and a continuously expanding range of products, CTX has become an undisputed international leader in swimming pool maintenance.

The brand’s research team has conceived a wide range of chemical and water testing products, control and dosage systems, and disinfection devices that reassure experts in the pool business, and private pool owners alike, that they really are in the best hands.