Built by the French architect Jean-Michel Ruols, Inúu has become a benchmark in Europe for the personal care and wellbeing sector. Located in the town of Escaldes-Engordany (Andorra), this innovative wellness centre is attached to the Caldea spa complex and covers a total surface area of 12,400 m2, of which 2,580 m2 are taken up by the hot spring area designed by Fluidra.


The overall architectural design of the building – which sits above the river Valira – is characterised by its glass walls and roof, curved lines and the welded seams on the stainless steel pool shell. It is likewise worth highlighting the lighting system, which synchronises with the rhythm of the background music to change in intensity and colour, and the play of light from the reflections of the stainless steel lagoons, all of which creates fantastic state-of-the-art surroundings conducive to deep relaxation.

Visitors to Inúu can enjoy a wide range of treatments and facilities. Worth an estimated 1.2 million euros, the water area designed by Fluidra is made up of three indoor lagoons that flow into each other through cascades, each of which is equipped with water massage beds, water jets and other water massage features that are built into the pool bottom.

The hot spring area also has an outdoor lagoon where one can breathe in the pure air of the Pyrenees and sunbathe whilst enjoying the warmth of the water (at a constant temperature of 32º–33 ºC). This experience is especially enchanting in winter when the snow covers the surroundings. For the further gratification of visitors’ physical and mental wellbeing, Inúu has five themed itineraries: sensory, aqua, body and mind, beauty and nutrition.

The lagoons at Inúu contain 72,000 litres of natural spring water from Escaldes-Engordany that flows out at around 70 ºC. As this water is rich in sulphur, minerals and sodium salts of fatty acids, it relieves pain, heals scars, acts as a decongestant and combats allergies.