Water is the star of this family dwelling, perfectly integrated with the landscape. The surprise effect is guaranteed: from the street, it appears to be a simple and discreet home, but it becomes more complex as you delve further inside. The rear, surrounded by nature, holds a well-kept secret: a split-level infinity pool that defies the downwards lie of the land with a stunning cascade effect.


The home’s standout design calls to mind the Amazon jungle, providing a feeling of peace and harmony just a few kilometres out of Barcelona. Sometimes it seems like every type of pool has already been invented, but this project from the studio Jeev Arquitectura is proof that there is no limit to creativity.


Architect Joan Enric Ejarque designed this fusion with the natural environment as a starting point for the project and achieved it through the use of warm materials like wood and stone. Water is an essential element, cascading down the stone façade as if the building were a mountain and collected at different levels to form a spa in the lower pool.


The materials were carefully chosen: the pool is covered in multi-coloured vitreous glass mosaic tiles to create a golden perception, giving it a unique character that stands in contrast to the deep green of the garden. The pool’s overflow effect increases the sensation of spaciousness and infinity and ensures bathing pleasure. The search for sensations doesn’t end there – the architect chose to position a small water fountain in the upper pool to halt the cascade and enjoy the relaxing sound of water flowing at a slower speed. Luxury for the senses.