On hot summer nights, there are few things as relaxing as the still water of a perfectly illuminated pool. When temperatures soar to their maximum in the year, it is difficult not to dream of a night time dip, and the idea of interrupting the silence that engulfs a garden when the sun sets with the sound of our swimming strokes becomes irresistible.

Good lighting has the potential to turn any pool into a designer water facility, a space with a look that stands apart and invites people to relax and unwind. However, when an underwater lighting system is being fitted in a pool, it is important not to ignore sustainability and efficiency criteria.

These are the priorities of LumiPlus DC PAR56, the new generation of LED lighting by AstralPool. Thanks to a state-of-the-art lamp and a power pack that only consumes 3 W (much lower than most transformers, which require 16 W), these underwater spotlights deliver efficiency never seen before and energy savings of 95%.

In addition, amongst their other features these lamps have top quality lighting (TLQ) technology to ensure the best distribution of light. This feature means that they have a service life 100 times longer than halogen models and that they consume 18 times less power. A clear example of their durability is that after 50,000 hours working, the DC PAR56 range still delivers a lighting performance of 70%.

Given that a LumiPlus DC PAR56 is fed by two cables, it can be fitted to any underwater spotlight that has a PAR56 model, without the need to upgrade the wiring. These LED luminaires must have a 24 V DC connection and only be switched on when totally submerged.

Would you like to save 95% on your pool’s power consumption and give it a unique look? Contact us and request more information about LumiPlus DC PAR56.