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All experts agree: to keep a pool in perfect condition, prevention is the best solution.

There are currently various products in the market that can help prevent the appearance of algae in pools. When you choose which product you are going to use in your pool, it is very important to remember that you will be handling chemicals and, therefore, you must examine their properties and composition carefully.


One of the aspects to be taken into account when you choose an algaecide is that some of these products are foaming, that is, they generate foam and bubbles while they work. Although the foam itself is not necessarily harmful, it may prevent you from enjoying a pleasant swim and deprive you of the delightful sensation of swimming in crystalline water.

Another aspect that it is worth bearing in mind is the capacity of some products to prevent the appearance of several unwanted elements at the same time. Some only work as algaecides, so if you wish to get rid of bacteria and fungi as well as algae, you will have to use more than one product at the same time. Although great advances have been made in the development of harmless chemical compounds, the fewer you use, the better for your pool, your organism and your pocket.

Finally, it is well worth checking your chemical dispenser system. Is it easy to regulate the amounts dispensed and adjust them to your requirements? Can you calculate the exact amount of a product that your pool requires? How often must you use each product? Dispensing the right amount of each product is essential to optimising consumption, and ensuring proper, safe and efficient cleaning.

Bearing all of these questions in mind, CTX has launched a range of super concentrated products that make pool maintenance far easier. We have a line of fast-acting super concentrated algaecides called Algicontrol Power:

  • CTX-500C AlgaStop Power prevents the formation and growth of algae in pool water. This concentrate is an extremely powerful bactericide, algaecide and fungicide. Just 1 litre is enough to keep a 40 m3 pool clean for 13 weeks
  • CTX-530C Algastop Ultra Power has unbeatable powers as a micro-flocculant, which prevents the appearance of algae in suspension. What is more, this concentrate is non-foaming. Just 1 litre of this product will keep the water of a 40 m3 pool crystalline for 20 weeks

All of the products in the super concentrated range come with a revolutionary dispenser cap that enables exactly the amount of product to be measured out, which increases money savings and the efficiency of products.


FOT00_CTX-551C Ultraconcentrado WinterStar liner_CTK_v01_2015And to keep your pool water crystal clear all year round…

CTX’s super concentrated range also includes a winteriser CTX-551C WinterStar Liner Power,

a special concentrate that keeps pool water in the best possible condition during the coldest months of the year. Half a litre of CTX-551C WinterStar Liner Power is enough to keep a pool of between 40 and 50 m3 clean.

By using CTX-551C WinterStar Liner Power, you will be able to enjoy a good swim as soon at the good weather comes in the blink of an eye. You will find more information about pool maintenance in winter at the following post.