The pool experts / How to get a more connected pool in 2018 | THE COOL POOL by Fluidra

We present the three most important developments in pool connectivity so that all you have to worry about this swim season is enjoying the water!

Fluidra Connect & GO: the new Fluidra Connect

This new solution includes a control cabinet and promises to cut installation time by around 80%. Automated equipment has never been so easy!

The Fluidra Connect & Go cabinet is equivalent to the control cabinet used in any pool. It features all the automatic parts inside and is Internet-ready with an Ethernet cable, wifi or 3G router; it can share the house Internet connection so you don’t have to sign up to any regular payments.

The automatic equipment can turn off lights and change the pool filter or water temperature directly from the Fluidra Connect app, anytime, anywhere. Plus, maintenance call-outs can be arranged straight from the app 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Fluidra Connect & Go app has two versions – the professional one, Fluidra Connect Pro (which lets pool technicians configure the equipment in just four steps and no more than 10 minutes), and the one for end users, called Fluidra Connect. Both are available free for iOS and Android.

Fluidra Connect & Go lets you spend less time looking after your pool and more time enjoying it, with the peace of mind of knowing it is always in the best hands.

Blue Connect: the evolution of Blue by Riiot

The principle behind the smart water analyzer is the same: Blue Connect uses a probe to measure core water parameters (temperature, pH, ORP/redox, conductivity) and aids pool maintenance thanks to the customized guide available from the Blue Connect free app.

So what’s new?

There are various improvements in this new 2018 release:

A new probe and new battery that power product efficiency.

Extended product warranty. Blue Connect is the only pool analyzer with a probe that has a two-year warranty.

New Blue Connect app with a revamped design, easier to use and with new functionalities.

Blue Fit50: the novelty

Blue Fit50 is a hose clamp that lets you attach Blue Connect to the pump room piping, making it the ideal alternative if you can’t place Blue Connect in the water, particularly for covered pools.

Blue Fit50 can be installed in three simple steps: drill into the piping, attach the clamp, and screw the Blue Connect to the Blue Fit50. Once positioned in the pump room pipework, Blue Connect is used in exactly the same way as if it were in the water.

All of these connectible pool products will be available starting April 2018.

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