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Do you know how a solar shower works? What are its advantages?

In this article, we will give you the basic notions that you need to know if you’re thinking of fitting a solar shower in your pool.

Solar showers work just the same as a bathroom shower, with the advantage that they obtain hot water from solar power, a clean and endless source of energy.

The way it works is very simple: the water accumulates in the body of the shower through a collector, where it is heated thanks to solar radiation.

You will have hot water all day long as the water is continuously renewed and heated.

What should you consider when you choose a solar shower for a pool?

The main feature is the tank’s capacity, as the greater it is the more hot water you will have.

Another important feature is whether it allows you to adjust both the water flow rate and temperature. Having a mixer tap is important as each bather will be able to adjust the temperature to individual taste.

It is also important to see if it has a footbath. Not all models have one and not everybody will need one, but it is important to consider according to your requirements.

There are many models in the market to choose from, but we are showcasing three solar showers recognized for their performance and quality.

The Iguazú solar shower is a matte stainless steel shower with an adjustable shower head and two body jets with a nebulizer effect. It has a 30-liter aluminum storage tank.

The Niágara solar solar in polished stainless steel has a mixer tap and a square limescale resistant shower head. Also with a 30-liter tank, it stands out for its contemporary design in straight, elegant lines.

The Angel solar shower is the most modern of the three. Made of gray aluminum, it has a limescale resistant shower head and a 30-liter tank just like the previous options.

Nothing can beat a solar shower after a swim in the pool. Not just because you won’t have to shower with freezing cold water, but also because of the power savings it makes.

Would you like to find out more about solar showers? Contact us and we will inform you about all of the options available.